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This is why you should you consider to get married in Italy

Is there a better reason to celebrate than love?
Can you imagine a more exciting and romantic place to host a wedding than in the “country of love”?
Italy is the best country on earth to host your destination wedding, and we are excited to show you why.

The idea of an “Italian Wedding” evokes images of romantic backdrops, countryside banquets, free flowing local wine, delicious food, stylish lights, and a heartwarming setting.

We are excited to tell you that these stereotypes are true!

However, if not done properly, planning a destination wedding can be daunting and stressful. Especially when you are not familiar with the local language and local customs, the results can be tragic and disappointing.

This is why hiring a Wedding Planner is a great idea to tie the knot with a complete peace of mind.

Working with The Italian Planners is a guarantee to see your dream for your Italian wedding come to life, either it is a luxury wedding, an intimate celebration,  small wedding, or an elopement.




Many foreign couples who plan their destination wedding in Italy also tend to set up either a weekend or full week of events for their guests. These events typically include Italian-style welcome parties, glamourous rehearsal dinners, and relaxed after-wedding brunches that guarantee a week filled with love and laughter.

We bet you have noticed this growing trend on Pinterest, right?

Apart from the spectacular locations that Italy offers, one of the exciting reasons that makes Italy on of the best places for a destination wedding is the affordability.
Many other countries will charge a premium for the quality sources and ingredients that Italy provides to all of its guests as a standard.





Small weddings are having their moment right now!
In fact, nothing beats an intimate celebration in a beautiful and private location, surrounded by the people you love the most.

Additionally, when you plan an intimate wedding you can plan different moments of your celebration within the same venue, and surprise your guests all the way though your big day.

What about a themed destination wedding or a celebration that incorporate territorial elements and traditions?

Many couples who chose to get married in Italy are pairing old wedding traditions with a fusion of modern influences and local trends. It’s become increasingly popular to get inspired by local cultures and traditions for the wedding aesthetics.

Many of our couples choose fruits and plants over flowers to create a real “Italian Wedding”. For instance, lemons decorations are perfect if you plan to get married on the Amalfi coast, olive branches fit well a a boho-country style wedding table in Tuscany and if you consider to organize a real Apulian wedding you can add succulents and Opuntia to surprise your guests.

We love setting up the decor, especially when they are unique to the destinations and specially tailored to express your creative personality as individual and as a couple (and this is so challenging and fun to work on together).

From finding breathtaking venues, navigating local traditions, and handling all the paperwork, we will do what we do best by planning everything according to your needs to make sure your big day lasts in your heart forever.




If months of planning or not your cup of tea, host an exciting elopement in Italy and immediately begin your honeymoon!

Kick-off your European tour by making a commitment to love during an intimate ceremony that is as special as your relationship. This can include just you and your partner, your best friends, or simply with your parents via video chat, The Italian Planners will work to provide you with as much (or as little) celebration as you desire.

For elopement and intimate weddings we can provide custom elopement packages that include lodging selections in the most sought-after destinations in Italy.

Let us inspire you by creating a jaw dropping experience that will truly celebrate your love.

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