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The time to celebrate life, love, and gratitude is now!
Be inspired by the Italian style and celebrate love, friendships, health, success, with meaningful moments in Italy.


Here at The Italian Planners, we understand that when you are asking your guests to travel internationally and prepare for your luxury party, often times the stress and pressure to deliver an extraordinary event is overwhelming.

We will take all the stress off your hands.
By applying special attention to detail, creating memorable surprises, and adding sincere warmth with every step of the luxury party planning process, our team of Italian luxury event planners guarantees a successful celebration.

As professional luxury event organizers, we work with our local, trustworthy partners to ensure an extraordinary result!


Are you planning one of the following?:


  • Milestone celebration
  • Luxury Party
  • Exclusive Birthday Party
  • Formal seated gala dinner event
  • Grand-scale business opening
  • A special gathering or anything in between


Then you are in luck. With years of experience in creating a wide range of celebrations, you will be working with the best luxury event planner in Italy.


Now, we understand that navigating a foreign country and language can lead to frustration and disappointing results.

Our team is based in Italy, yet we have years and years of experience working with even the most demanding of English-speaking clients. With an entire team of luxury event planners fluent in both English and Italian, the secrets of Italy and her warm hospitality will be unlocked and available for you and all your guests.


We look forward to providing you with suggestions on all things Italy. We specialize in finding you the best region and unique event venue that matches your style and personality, all while dealing with the boring bureaucratic paperwork.

Over the years, we are proud to have cultivated many relationships with trustworthy partners all around Italy.
This gives you access to a whole new world of opportunities and efficiency.

From logistics, entertainment, catering, venue selection, to staff management you can trust our team and focus on what really matters, enjoying your time with your guests.




A milestone event in our lives creates a natural human response to welcome, celebrate, and connect with those we care about most.
We provide you, thanks to our team of professional birthday event organizers, the local support for a weekend of fun and celebration.

The majority of our clients are coming to Italy looking to create a surprise birthday party, perfect for an extravagant 40th birthday, an exclusive 50th birthday, or to celebrate any age really!


The Italian Planners are available to organize:


  • 1 year old birthday party
  • 18th birthday party ideas
  • 30th birthday party ideas
  • 40th birthday party ideas
  • 50th birthday party ideas
  • 60th birthday party
  • and more!


A birthday party in Italy, as well as a celebration of a wedding anniversary or vows renewal, is a special celebration of life, a time that is meant to gather close friends and family members for a memorable and loving experience together!

Trust us, there are many ways to have a good time in Italy if you choose a professional birthday planner: choose your favorite luxury birthday theme, gather your loved ones and have fun!
The Italian Planners will take care of all the rest.




Our experienced party planners at The Italian Planners will work beside you to find the perfect venue and unique setting and atmosphere that caters to any of your celebration needs.

We pride ourselves on managing every aspect of your party with creativity, elegance, and efficiency, without losing sight of your budget.


  • Are you thinking about adding special effects to surprise your guests?
  • Do you need help finding the perfect entertainment for your party?
  • Are you looking for a unique live band, a talented musician, or a special performer?


No problem, we have you covered. With a deep knowledge of Italy and a strong network of trustworthy vendors, our team of party planners will ensure your event will be one-of-a-kind, with the best entertainment for your special occasion allowing you and your guests to enjoy every single moment of your party.

With each project, we hand select a team that will provide you with the highest level of personalization, service and assistance throughout the entire planning process, regardless of the complexity.


Since 2018 we have been working with famous and demanding individuals and have worked with a large variety of singers, artists, and performers in Europe, to make any event truly unforgettable.


In 2019 The Italian Planners have been awarded in Tuscany by EWPC for the “Best Planned and Executed Live Entertainment”, amongst 500 international planners.


In 2020 we have developed a cutting-edge technology to let you browse for the best artists available for your party (will be launched in 2021!)


Let’s get planning!


Luxury event planner and birthday party in Italy



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