Just off the West Coast of Italy, you’ll find the desert paradise of Sardinia. This island has long captivated its visitors with its crystal-clear water and wild landscapes. Here you’ll fall in love with the dazzling beaches, exciting mountains, and lovely beach towns. Imagine spending a day sailing while surrounded by the shimmer and sparkle of the Mediterranean, and then spending the evening with a romantic stroll through a historical beach town, wine in hand of course.

The North Coast of the Island has largely been developed by billionaires. In the North, you’ll find mega yachts, private jets, lively nightlife, and trendy bars. If you are looking to live a life of luxury events in Sardinia, we recommend taking you to the North.


The South coast is far more relaxed, authentic, and pristine, making it perfect for families. In the South, you’ll find a wide range of activities ranging from outdoor sports to memorable cultural experiences.


Below, we have put together a list of some of our favorite destinations in Sardinia.



Sardinia: Where to Visit – Top 5


  1. Sip on a cocktail as you watch one of the most dazzling sunsets in the world from Phi Beach.


  1. Discover the many hidden beaches on the island, only accessible by boat.


  1. Sail around Italy’s best-kept secret, the islands of La Maddalena Archipelago, and have a pristine beach all to yourself.


  1. Visit Carloforte, the sleepy and small fisherman islands with an array of colorful houses and a one of a kind lighthouse.


  1. La Colti Agriturismo: For a truly authentic experience, enjoy a glass of local wine paired with a delightful plate of Porceddu, Al Fresco style of course.


Sardinia: Where to Stay – Top 5


  1. Hotel Pitrizza: Like a precious gem located in the midst of rocks and flowers, made up of romantic rooms and private villas, the Hotel Pitrizza and an unforgettable getaway.


  1. Li Finestreddi: Everything at Li Finestreddi speaks of luxury, simplicity, and refinement.


  1. Petra Segreta: This charming resort is perched on the rolling hills of San Pantaleo and is known for its 5-star service, and relaxing atmosphere.


  1. Li Neuli Country Club: This country club sit in harmony with the surrounding nature of Sardinia, giving you a perfect oasis of luxury and beauty.


  1. Hotel Baia Chia Luna: Beautiful lagoons, sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and flamingos. You’ll find all of it here and more during your stay at the Hotel Baia.



Your Stay in Sardinia


Sardinia is perfect for a laid back and chillaxed summer holiday spent by the beach. Here, the sea and beaches rival the paradises of the Maldives or Bahamas. Sardinia is a large island with its own rustic identity apart from mainland Italy. Sardinia is perfect for families, couples, and luxurious getaways.


April to June is one of the best times to visit the island and see its flowers in full bloom, while still being able to enjoy its warm and inviting water.


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