A charming island where you can retrace history, appreciate beautiful architecture and experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea with all of your senses. Welcome to Sicily.


As the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily sits just off the toe of Italy’s “boot”. With a rich history, splendid beaches, active volcanoes, vibrant culture, and wonderful locals, you and your loved ones will always be entertained on this incredible island. Part of what makes this Island so unique is its fusion of Greek, Arabian, and Spanish culture, which can be seen with the island’s charming archeology, colorful architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine. Below we have included some of the best features of this Island to help you decide where to go and what to do in Sicily.



Sicily: What to Visit – Top 5 things to do in Sicily


  1. Mount Etna, in Catania (North East): This fuming mountain is both the largest active volcano in Europe and a UNESCO world heritage site. Sicily’s volcano can be viewed in a number of different ways: On foot (for the more adventurous crowd), by cable car, or via a bus ride that will take you to the mountain observatory deck.


  1. Zingaro Nature Preserve, in San Vito lo Capo (North West): This iconic nature preserve contains an astonishing 650 different species of plants, gentle hiking trails, incredible views of the coastline, and remarkable pristine beaches. Bring along some fresh refreshment and your “pane cunzato” (local version of traditional sandwich) and enjoy a full day spent in nature.


  1. Norman Castle, in Palermo (North): Another UNESCO world heritage site, this ancient royal castle is a remarkable representation of the Arabian influenced architecture on the island. Enjoy the visit and explore the castle’s many golden mosaics and elaborate arches.


  1. The Aeolian Island (North East): Just off the northern coast of Sicily, this volcanic archipelago embraces seven islands each of them with a distinct character. Stromboli offers a great fireworks night show with its active volcano. Panarea is the most exclusive. Filiculi and Alicudi are wild, and Salina is the cutest and most charming one.


  1. Valley of the Temples, Agrigento (West): This astonishing archeological park hosts 8 ancient temples from the 5th and 6th century BC. These temples are some of the most well-preserved Greek ruins in existence and will truly give you a glimpse into the wonders of the past. From there you cannot miss the astonishing Turkish Steps.



What To Do in Sicily – 5 best


  1. Attend a concert at The Greek Theather in Taormina


  1. Visit local artisanal shops and visit ceramiche Maremoro: best handmade Caltagirone ceramic


  1. Stroll around Ortigia and get lost in its small alleys


  1. Bike tour in Favignana and yoga on the beach


  1. Join a food experience tour:  taste Arancini, Cannoli, Granita with brioches, parmigiana di melanzane paired with Nero d’ Avola… and you will thank us!





Sicily – Where to Stay: Top 5 Best Places to Stay in Sicily


  1. Rocco Forte Verdura Golf & Spa Resort: A unique 5 stars resort, perfect for all golf enthusiasts.


  1. Tasca d’ Almerita: For “foodies” wanting an authentic Italian dining experience.


  1. Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo: A luxurious and timeless stay in the beautiful Taormina.


  1. Faro di Brucoli: A unique stay in a beautifully renovated lighthouse.


  1. Principe di Salina: An intimate, romantic and charming boutique hotel in Salina.




Your Stay in Sicily


When you plan your stay in Sicily bear in mind that Sicily is very close to North Africa and the weather tends to be mild throughout the year.


Sicily is a special island that is home to a multitude of wonderful sights and activities. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an elopement, or a family vacation, Sicily will provide you with everything you need for a warm and inviting Italian experience.


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