Where to go and what to see in Rome: 9 things not to be missed


Where to go in Rome? Many travellers think about this question when planning a trip to Italy.

There are unforgettable places that remain in your heart forever. This is the case of the Eternal City, Rome, that sticks in your head with its alleys, its romantic views and the ancient atmosphere that sticks into everyone’s mind. But what you really must visit during your stay in Rome?


Planning your holiday in Rome is not as easy as it seems: without any idea or hint, you could get lost between marvelous buildings and loose precious time. So, which are the must-go places and must-do things to enjoy while in Rome?

Here you have a list of top things to do during your Roman Holidays.



Best 3 things to do in Rome:


 1. Best restaurant of local cuisine: La Dispensa dei Mellini

La Dispensa dei Mellini” is a small restaurant located in Lungotevere dei Mellini 32 with not so many seats, a cozy and refined atmosphere, but always welcoming.

The open kitchen is like a window on Tevere river and the young chef Susanna Sipione uses love and patience like her base ingredients to create heartfelt and genuine dishes that make her guests feel good.

You absolutely must try the carbonara with Castelli guanciale and laziale truffle, but sweetbreads deserve to be mentioned too because of their long tradition.


2. The perfect spot for an aperitivo: Enoteca La Mescita

No, it’s not a bar, because in Enoteca La Mescita you’ll get the same familiar atmosphere that you’ll find in a neighborhood bar but with a touch of style.

Angelo, the host of this winery in the heart of Garbatella area, is like the uncle that everyone would love to have: he knows everything about natural wines and suggests the perfect wine for each of his guests.

Along with the wine, you can taste some tapas made following local recipes and using local ingredients, but with a touch of creativity and international flavors.

Some must-try are the platters with cheeses and cold cuts from Lazio region, the burgers and the roman tapas.


3. A not-to-be-missed shop: Teas and teapots

This little shop in via dei Banchi Nuovi 37 is a precious gem for tea, herbal tea and decoction lovers. You can step by during a stroll through the alleys of the city enter and once you get in you’ll never want to leave anymore.

The products are wisely chosen between hundreds of fine teas from all over the world in order to offer a unique taste experience thanks to the work of small producers that have always been careful about the timing and the quality of cultivation, picking and processing.

Every year, this shop changes its variety of products according to the harvest and the seasons.


Must-see in Rome: the secrets of the Eternal city


1. An event: the Snow Preserves

Every year, in September, Rome hosts this charming event in the spectacular Villa Borghese.

For three days, you can immerse yourself in the nature for this event that promotes contemporary forms of land art and architecture. This is an invite to know, understand and love mother nature through the concepts of vegetal biophilia and biodiversity.

During this event, you’ll see rare vegetation and marvelous blooming, and get many suggestions from world experts.


2. An art treasure hunt: finding the hidden details of Trevi Fountain

“Marcello, come here!” – Who doesn’t know Trevi Fountain? Everyone. But you might not have noticed all the small details that are hidden between its ancient stones.

Between the sculptures, there are more than thirty different types of plants such as bunches of grapes, ivy, figs, bamboo canes and so on. If you have time, you can also try to spot snails, lizards, birds and all the other animals.

One last fact: on the west parapet, there’s a big vase, the famous “Ace of Cups”. According to rumors, it was the architect Salvi that chose to position the vase in that position to cover the constructions to the eyes of a barber that kept judging the fountain in construction.


3. A monument: Carlotta fountain

Carlotta fountain is the symbol of Garbatella area and a meeting place for lovers.

It’s a tiny fountain that was built in the 30s by the architect Innocenzo Sabbatini. The monument shows the face of a young lady with long hairs, Carlotta, that should have been the same legendary kind host that gave the name to one of the most beautiful and picturesque neighborhood of Rome, Garbatella.



Must do in Rome: out of the beaten track


All around the world, everybody can name the most famous spots in Rome: the fascinating Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums, Piazza Navona and so on. And everybody dreams about going up the staircase of Piazza di Spagna or throwing a penny in Trevi Fountain.


But Rome is a lot more than that and deciding what to do in the Eternal City can be very hard if you don’t know it. Getting lost in the historical city center is always a good idea, so we suggest you to take a few ours to stroll around via del Governo Vecchio and enjoying the windows of the most ancient jewelries of the city or the antiquarian shops looking for some unique objects.


The unusual Rome: Aventino hill and the keyhole


Aventino hill is a peaceful and quiet corner, perfect for a charming walk around the unusual Rome and to recharge your batteries.

From Giardino degli Aranci, you’ll see a breathtaking panorama of Rome. History lovers can visit picturesque medieval churches like Santa Sabina and its “devil stone”. Don’t forget to get to Villa del Priorato di Malta and peep from the keyhole to see San Pietro.


What to do in Rome: contemporary art at Maxxi


If you’re looking for something unconventional in Rome, Maxxi is the perfect solution for you.
In fact, the National Museum of XXI Arts is the perfect example of Rome’s balance between historical and modern.

Zaha Hadid’s architectural project is worth the visit with exaggerated volumes, curved walls and an articulated spatial path. There are always many exhibitions and you can also choose the “Legendary ticket” that lasts for a century.

Extra tip: inside MAXXI’s garden, there’s Mediterraneo restaurant that serves one of the most interesting gastronomic menus in Rome thanks to chef Emanuele Pompili, the sushi chef Francesco Di Cori and the baker Irene Tolomei.


Rooftop bar in Rome


Rome’s sky is an incredible experience and admiring it from the top of a building is something that everybody should try at least once in a lifetime. For this reason, we want to suggest you Rome’s most lovely rooftop bar, where often you can also find great restaurants.


47 Circus Roof Garden


Between the most beautiful rooftop in Rome, there’s 47 Circus in Forty-seven Boutique Hotel. From here, the panorama is just outstanding because you can admire Tempio di Vesta, the Bocca della Verità and all the city center.

The Mediterranean cuisine is simple and genuine. Chef Gabriele Enrico, teacher at Gambero Rosso, creates his menu according to the seasonal products and first quality ingredients. If you want our suggestion, the vegetable panzanella with yellowtail and crunchy basil sponge is delicious, as much as the desserts, such as “Tutto cioccolato 47” or “Tiramisu 47”.

We must mention also the cocktail bar where you can taste one of the 47 Gins from all over the world and enjoy the sunset for an unforgettable memory.


Uliveto Roof Garden


At the top floor of the historical Diana Hotel, there’s a roof garden that gifts its guests with romantic and beautiful moments. The view over the roman roofs is simply unforgettable and you can see all the way up to Castelli Romani and Monte Mario’s hills, admiring Quirinale, San Pietro’s dome and Diocleziano Baths.

The floor and the vases in terracotta create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, but if you could have an even more exclusive experience in one of the highest spots, reserving the Torretta for a candlelight dinner in one of the best restaurants in Rome or for a labeled cocktail.


Zuma Roma Fendi


On the top of Palazzo Fendi, Zuma is a terrace that is appreciated not only for the view, but also for the sophisticated and stylish atmosphere. The furniture is influenced by Asian culture with bamboo canes and precious tohiki ceramics, all with a sophisticated mood.

Zuma is divided into two floors: the lounge terrace and the restaurant. The menu is always keeping up with the latest trends and using first quality ingredients with dishes that fascinate everyone, such as the black cod marinated with miso and wrapped in hoba leaf or the fresh water eel with avocado and sweet crepes.

The drinks are special and unique, such as Zuma Colada or Zuma Bellini, along with the excellent champagne or wines.


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